RIP! A Remix Manifesto

ImageNow while I’ll save the “sampling” part for later in this post, “RIP! A Remix Manifesto” is a great film depicting the battle of Copyright vs. Creative Commons; private corporations vs. public domain that is happening now into the 21st century. It’s true that artists have been “copying” songs from others for decades, and building upon those songs with “original” material of theirs.

Led Zeppelin stole from ALOT of blues artists, couldn’t believe it the first time I heard this a while back, but it’s true. But oh, Mick & Keith of The Rolling Stones want to sue The Verve for “ripping” the melody of The Stones “The Last Time” for using it for “Bittersweet Symphony?!” Yet, if you REALLY want to get technical, how about you ask Keith about his main guitar influence, Chuck Berry, and where Keith is basically quoted saying (and you hear it in just about ANY Rolling Stones song) that everything that he’s ever done has come from Chuck Berry, that signature piercing staccato riff on the 1st & 2nd strings of the guitar. Shouldn’t Keith get sued by Berry, technically speaking? Oh, and lets go deeper, with Chuck Berry and that signature riff, which was derived from Berry’s blues influences T-Bone Walker and Charlie Christian. It just keeps going back further and further, point is, everybody gets something from someone else, everyone is influenced on the things that come before them and they use the tools & techniques that those before them used to create original material.

I personally am for artists’ getting paid and getting the credit they deserve for their works, BUT I’m definitely on the side of Creative Commons, pioneered by Lawrence Lessig.

Now to my personal feelings of sampling and remixing other peoples art, especially for music is, I really don’t mind. It’s interesting to see what others can do with other peoples art, and transforming it into something new. For music, just for me personally, with sampling, especially in EDM, I’m not really that impressed. Sorry, but I come from the rock ‘n roll world. Not to say I’m down with EDM, but I just kind of shrug my shoulders at it when I hear it.

Those are my feelings about this, have a nice day!


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